CloudAccess CEO to present ‘Beyond SIEM: Unified Security from the Cloud’ at CU InfoSec Conference

LOS ANGELES, CA–(March 14, 2013) – Credit unions and regional financial institutions attending the upcoming CU InfoSec Conference will have the opportunity to challenge existing security paradigms during a keynote session led by cloud security expert and CloudAccess CEO Kevin Nikkhoo entitled “Beyond SIEM: Unified Security from the Cloud.”

Sponsored by CU News (publisher of Credit Union tech-talk), the June 5-6 conference in Las Vegas will showcase several security-centric themes, but Nikkhoo’s presentation on holistic security best practices is one of the most anticipated of the event.

“More than practically any other market, the modest financial institution is at substantial risk. With the burdens of unrelenting compliance regulations combined with the threat of hacks, careless users and internal challenges, the benefits of intrusion detection solutions like SIEM may not be enough,” Nikkhoo said. “Like the largest banks, a credit union needs multiple layers of security, but they don’t have the budget or resources to make it happen.”

According to Nikkhoo, the answer lies in the ability to adopt cloud-based security initiatives that incorporate more than SIEM or log management, work collaboratively in real time and provide the necessary visibility to meet strict compliance needs.

“At the end of the day, every credit union needs to know who is logging in, what are they looking at, where are they, when was information changed, and how are they authorized? All that feeds into understanding the overall impact on the network and beyond,” Nikkhoo added. “The challenge is that breaches happened ‘in the now’ and looking at logs days or weeks later does not serve the need of institutions with sensitive data. The real time aspect is just one way the cloud is the great equalizer.”

The hour-long presentation, currently scheduled for June 6 at 1:30pm, will address several key needs for credit unions including achieving FFIEC compliance best practices, solving BYOD and other persistent threats, enhancing visibility, reducing costs through holistic, unified security platform and audit readiness.

The 11th annual conference, described as the “original and premier conference dedicated solely to credit union security” is aimed at security officers, compliance officers, IT department managers, Operations VP and CEOs. This year’s event is being held at the Platinum Hotel.

Interested attendees need to register: or call 800 808 2188. Those that mention this CloudAccess press release are entitled to a 25% discount off the registration fee, according to organizers.