CloudAccess forges new partnership with Europe’s CloudIdentity

Cloud-based security leader CloudAccess has announced a new partnership with UK-based technology firm Cloud Identity.

As an official CloudAccess partner in Europe, Cloud Identity provides professional services related to the unified security suite known as REACT (Realtime Event and Access Correlation Technologies) with an emphasis on the identity and access management capabilities.  This affiliation includes helping European clients more easily deploy, integrate and manage security from the cloud.  Cloud Identity will not just be an integration partner, but also licensed to resell the suite and related services as a managed service provider.

“The ability to work with Cloud Identity allows us to better promote the unique value of cloud-based security,” said CloudAccess CEO Kevin Nikkhoo. “We are extremely pleased and proud to forge this new partnership. Not only does it provide a strong foothold in European markets, but expand our wealth of expertise for our identity and access management development.”

According to Nikkhoo, Cloud Identity has already been instrumental in improving the integration of several key applications into the identity and access management stand-alone solutions.

“Cloud-based security is the future and through this partnership with CloudAccess, we can deliver a more complete, robust security offering that provides tremendous operational advantages for our clients and meets the asset protection goals of many of Europe’s emerging companies,” said Maciej Machulak, CEO of Cloud Identity.

CloudAccess specializes in a unique unified security platform that leverages the capabilities of intrusion detection, log archiving, user credentialing, provisioning, application authorization, automations and compliance reporting. In that this is 100% deployed and managed from the cloud creates better real time visibility, scalability, agility and affordability for any sized organization. REACT is the only cloud-managed offering on the market that incorporates all these key security capabilities (SIEM, Log Management, Identity Management and Access Management/Single Sign-on) from a multi-tenant configuration. CloudAccess, and partners like CloudIdentity, also provide each solution as a stand-alone cloud-based offering as well.

About Cloud Identity

Cloud Identity Ltd is a privately held startup incorporated in United Kingdom in 2011. The company develops highly customized Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions and offers a wide range of ready-to-use products for small and medium businesses as well as individuals. These products include the state-of-the-art SMART Access Management suite and the Connect platform. The company also provides identity consulting services for businesses and ensures that identity management processes are handled correctly within organizations. The team of highly skilled professionals helps businesses reach flexible user management and provisioning, fine-grained access control, API management and security, identity federation, Single Sign-On, and related functionality. Learn more about Cloud Identity at