CloudAccess Named Award Finalist for Best Cloud Service Provider, Best Big Data Solution

After a month-long open voting process, CloudAccess, the start-up security-as-a-service leader, accelerated to the final round in two categories for the upcoming UP-START Awards sponsored by the UP 2012 Cloud Conference.

Emerging from a crowded and highly competitive field, CloudAccess transformed its message of unified security deployed and managed from the cloud into a significant block of votes. CloudAccess was recognized in the Best Cloud Service Provider and Best Big Data Solution categories.

“The message is resonating,” said Kevin Nikkhoo, CloudAccess’ CEO, “As a fast-growing start-up and surpassing some very well known brands in this voting process is evidence that enterprises recognize the benefits of cloud-based security, but are ready for the innovative and transformative next step of a security-as-a-service via a unified platform.”

Final presentations will happen during December 11th UP-START conference.

CloudAccess was nominated for its scalable cloud-based security offerings which provide comprehensive and cost-effective IT asset protection for such enterprise needs as SIEM, Log Management, Single Sign On, WebSSO, Identity Management and Access Management. One of the chief and unique advantages is that CloudAccess leverages the cooperative functionality of all the security tools into a single sourced, real-time, holistic platform. This provides a centralized and unified view as to who touched whatwhen, where and the potential security impact to the business!

REACT (realtime event & access correlation technology) is framing the next generation of security. As most IT professionals are comfortable with the concepts and practices of SaaS and other cloud computing methods, CloudAccess is proving there is a  safe, secure and benefit-laden means to deliver enterprise-scaled security from the cloud that is cost effective, regulation compliant and industrial strength,” Nikkhoo added.

The 2012 UP-START Cloud Awards are now established in the cloud community as the de-facto recognition platform to cultivate the understanding, appreciation and advancement of the contribution of cloud computing to the business and technology community.