CloudAccess nominated for WaveMaker Award for innovation

LOS ANGELES, CA – September 12, 2013 –In recognition of its innovation in cloud-based security, CloudAccess was announced as a finalist for the 2013 “Cowabunga Award” by financial consultancy Siemer Ventures.

CloudAccess, which promotes a cloud-developed and managed offering that includes key protective components as SIEM, log management, identity management and single sign on was nominated for a WaveMaker Award of Distinction acknowledging its rapid growth and unique approach to cloud computing. The “Cowabunga Award” recognizes advancements in “Cloud Services SaaS platforms in the areas of infrastructure, storage and enterprise tools.”

“Because of the heavy price tag, and burdensome resources required for enterprise-class security, we believe there needed to be a more cost-effective and efficient solution to provide the necessary security for a 21st century organization,” said CloudAccess CEO Kevin Nikkhoo. “Security-as-a-service changes the conversation in terms of the ability to immediately provide scalable, enterprise-functionality combined with the expert analysis to drive best practices.”

Winners of the award will be announced at the Siemer Silicon Beach Summit on October 2nd.

According to CloudAccess, the advantage of unified security establishes better visibility across an enterprise of any size. This provides real time answers to key security challenges such as who is logging in, what are they viewing, where is the device, how are they authorized and what is the risk impact?

The WaveMaker Awards celebrate individuals and organizations that play a significant role in the early stage digital media and technology innovators. Judges, who hail from Siemer’s network of leading industry executives, are tasked with voting upon stand-out, early-stage companies in order to determine award recipients.

This is the third award nomination garnered by the cloud security firm this month. CloudAccess recently received notification of their nominations for Business Intelligence Group Award for best security product and SVC (Storage, Virtualization, Cloud) Award for its REACT (unified security) offering.

“We couldn’t be more proud. It’s satisfying to know our team has made significant inroads into changing how security is perceived, deployed and managed.” Nikkhoo said.

In the past year, CloudAccess has won several awards including a BIG Award (Business Intelligence Group), AlwaysOn Global 250, InfoSecurity Global Excellence, BCBG Best Technology Partner and Cloud Silver Lining Achievement Award. Details of these awards can be found on the CloudAccess website: