CloudAccess SSO Now Google App Certified

CloudAccess’ SingleSource for SSO (single sign on) solution was recognized as a Google-certified product and now can be found on the Google Apps Marketplace

The security-as-a-service (cloud-based) single sign on solution centralizes and controls access to Google apps and any other SaaS application. By logging on once from any computer or mobile device, a user can access all approved applications without having to worry about passwords, exposing online vulnerabilities, or circumventing corporate IT policies.

“Google’s recognition and support as a technology partner is a big step in affirming the viability, cost-effectiveness and strength of our cloud SSO solution,” said CloudAccess CEO Kevin Nikkhoo. “We provide a simplification of the credentialing, authentication and administrative processes; all seamlessly done from the cloud.”

The SSO solution, which is part of an overall cloud-based security administration suite, is the first listing on the Google Apps Marketplace. However, Cloud Access will soon expand the certification to other identity and access management related tools and offerings as well as its SIEM and log on management capabilities.

“The idea behind CloudAccess is to provide Fortune 500 enterprise-class security coverage for a fraction of the cost without sacrificing functionality,” Nikkhoo said. “Our SSO offering could be easily and successfully applied in the largest of corporations or the most modest of start ups. It’s all about scalability and evolving best practices to keep proprietary information secure.”

As a cloud-based solution, there is no software to install or hardware to buy. Users benefit from the scalable pay-as-you-go service in which many of the functions are administered by the solution’s automation functionality. It also provides such features as one button provisioning and deprovisioning to Google Apps, the ability to add new applications, and offers full audit and reporting capabilities. The solution is also in line with the government and industry-specific regulatory compliance requirements.

CloudAccess Single Source SSO (which recently won 2 awards at the recent InfoSecurity Global Excellence Awards: Best Security Service and Most Innovative Security Service), can be found at Google Apps Marketplace: or simply seek out the CloudAccess listing under Admin Tools.

According to Nikkhoo, cloud-based security is the natural progression of migrating applications and services to the cloud. “The business sphere is already comfortable with SaaS and all the benefits therein. Many forward-thinking companies are now realizing that the security aspect can also be managed, controlled and administered from the cloud while experiencing similar benefits.”

For more information about the CloudAccess SingleSource SSO or security-as-a-service managed from the cloud, please contact CloudAccess at 877-550-2568 or visit the website or Facebook page. You can download more information regarding our SSO solution HERE. Cloud Access also invites you to join the cloud-relevant Facebook group: Cloud Security.

About CloudAccess
CloudAccess provides comprehensive security-as-a-service from the cloud.  Our suite of robust and scalable solutions eliminates the challenges of deploying enterprise-class security solutions including costs, risks, resources, time-to-market, and administration.  By providing such integral services as SIEM, Identity Management, Log Management, Single Sign On, Web SSO, Access Management, Cloud Access offers cost-effective, high-performance solutions controlled and managed from the cloud that meet compliance requirements, diverse business needs and ensure the necessary protection of your IT assets.

With CloudAccess services there is no need to purchase hardware or software, you can start immediately, enjoy 24/ 7 support and monitoring, and choose from many support options including full administration by CloudAccess. Learn more about CloudAccess at or on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.