CloudCon Expo 2013 adds CloudAccess CEO to security panel

LOS ANGELES, CA–(March 20, 2013) – Cloud-security expert and Cloud Access CEO Kevin Nikkhoo accepted a place on the key panel Challenges of Cloud Computing in Highly Scalable and Secure Enterprises at the upcoming CloudCon Expo in San Francisco on May 15.

Nikkhoo joins Saran Mandair, senior director of infrastructure at PayPal, in discussing how to maximize advantages in cloud computing while still ensuring and maintaining  the protection of proprietary assets.

“Security is an on-going issue with regards to cloud computing. However, many don’t recognize that the cloud also provides a unique advantage in terms of scalability, flexibility and capability that directly address those concerns,” Nikkhoo said.

According to Nikkhoo, the answer lies in the ability to adopt a unified cloud security initiative that integrates and leverages information from multiple solutions to create more effective activity visibility. He notes that the flexibility of the deploying and managing from the cloud shifts the question from one of cost and limited scope, to one of solving a business need.

Based on his 32 years as a developer, security expert, serial entrepreneur and chief executive, Nikkhoo plans to share several best practices with regard to security and offer easily applicable cloud computing solutions.

The 2nd annual conference, sponsored by a number of “players” in the cloud computing space is geared to help companies evaluate cloud platforms and better understand how to utilize and incorporate cloud-based solutions as part of a go-forward IT strategy. This year’s event is being held at the South San Francisco Conference Center. The specifics regarding Nikkhoo’s panel can be found on the CloudCon Expo agenda page or here.

“This is a strong platform to forward the concept of cloud computing security and to challenge existing paradigms of how to best protect the assets of the enterprise,” Nikkhoo added.

Earlier this year, Nikkhoo was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award in IT from the leading IT consultancy Cloud Silver Lining in recognition of his forward-thinking career, innovative accomplishments and community involvement.

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