IT Health Partners shares why existing SIEM is not enough

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Enabling proactive intelligence from SIEM & Log

See how SIEM-as-a-Service generates actionable information in real-time, not just reviewable data!





Just as doctors wouldn’t be satisfied with simply looking at a patient to diagnose a symptom (especially with X-rays, EKGs, MRIs and other specialized tools at their disposal) health care IT can’t possibly catch all the potential threats attacking their network without a similar level of assistance. Many health care orgs depend either solely log tools or a SIEM deployment that is dependent on manual, perimeter-based defense monitoring and continuous tinkering and fine tuning.

That is yesterday’s SIEM…and it is no longer enough for the 21st century health care organization.

CloudSIEM from CloudAccess provides a solution and service pairing with the same level of protection as any top SIEM solution, but further fortifies your security, provides 24/7 live analysis and costs less. It can be deployed in any form; in the cloud or on-premise. CloudSIEM also bundles a complete enterprise log management solution at no extra cost.

You get all the powerful, flexible and affordable SIEM and Log features PLUS…:

 No other SIEM solution offers this. But the difference doesn’t stop there.

CloudSIEM (a SIEM cloud service) offers an effective and efficient means to monitor your network 24/7/365- that includes all devices, servers, applications, users and infrastructure components. And it can be done from a central cloud-based dashboard. So, from a centralized SIEM console (“single pane of glass”) you can…

When you partner CloudAccess’ CloudSIEM with their leading edge Identity Analytic and Intelligence (IAI) solution REACT, you gain an effective and affordable platform to generate the predictive analytics and cooperative intelligence needed to prevent and control anomalous behavior based on the discovered patterns across the entire enterprise.

Still not convinced…? Here’s is a quick presentation on why your existing SIEM is not enough:

Learn more about the next gen SIEM powered by REACT:


Control. Analyze. Enforce. Secure.

REACT allows you to transform your current enterprise security from reactive review to proactive defense without an invasive culture change or the expenditure of key security resources. We make the ability to recognize and prevent threats easier by deploying a more versatile, scalable program that enhances end-to-end visibility, offers further reaching security intelligence and centralizes management resources. Its roots are as a cloud security solution, but its true reach and effectiveness extends to on-premise and other legacy assets.

  • CloudAccess REACT datasheet
    REACT from CloudAccess is a leading edge Identity Analytics and Intelligence solution that ties together the information from identities, access rights, user activities, application usage network events and other security sources to find patterns of behavior that expose threats which might otherwise go unnoticed.

CloudAccess solves the issue with our proactive and intelligent cloud security (security-as-a-service) that are affordable, manageable, and easy to deploy. We can help you organization achieve its most stringent security and compliance requirements, priorities and goals.

Most companies invested in multiple tools are finding they’re still at risk because the tools simply don’t talk to each other. This opens the door for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities. REACT ties together the information (through CloudSIEM!) from identities, access rights, user activities, application usage, audit logs,  network events, geo-location and other security sources to find patterns of behavior that expose threats which might otherwise go unnoticed.

REACT is a comprehensive forensic analytic, REACT™ is not a collection of individual solutions and functions, but an interpolation of all the data across the enterprise to gain a truly holistic security vantage point.


Simply, REACT™ uses the combined security intelligence of legacy, cloud security solutions and other protective applications and databases to provide 360 degree visibility across an enterprise. This offers the unique ability to create predictive behavioral analysis that translates into real time action against potential breaches and other threats to the health and security of the enterprise IT landscape. But, more than sounding alerts, this unified and modular blend of security expands the current generation of enterprise protection to better qualify, verify, decide and act on each incident.

Every component of the award-winning CloudAccess REACT™ platform provides enterprise class capabilities and features that are designed to address the most demanding and challenging requirements. CloudAccess offers a modular but integrated suite of products including Identity Management, Access Management, Single Sign On for SaaS, Web and Desktop applications, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and Log Management.

Each product of this comprehensive integrated stack can be acquired separately or as part of the entire suite. Designed for scalability and high-performance, each product in the platform provides enterprise level functionality based on industry standards. If you have already invested in one or more of these security tools, REACT™ can still integrate their data for improved visibility. It’s inherent flexibility allows companies to incorporate what they already have or can seamlessly add any missing security tools to their arsenal. CloudAccess offers several modular cloud-based options to complete the REACT™ landscape.


SIEMLOG_ICON2015SIEM/LOG: Continuous network monitoring and threat alerts

  • 7/24/365 monitoring
  • Vulnerability & risk reporting
  • Anomalous activity alerts
  • Forensic analysis, compliance
  • Rule-based correlation
  • IT asset discovery and mgmt.
  • Network protocol analysis.

IAM_ICON2015IDENTITY MANAGEMENT: Provisioning and managing users

  • Password Management
  • Role-based access control
  • Directory infrastructure
  • Audit compliance features
  • Provisioning/de-provisioning
  • Manage multiple identities for each user
  • User self-service
  • Secure enterprise data.

SSO_ICON2015SINGLE SIGN ON: Providing secure and centralized access to applications

  • SaaS, Web and/or Desktop SSO
  • Role-based access control
  • Centralized enterprise access control
  • SaaS and Web audit reporting
  • Support for legacy applications
  • Entitlement management
  • Federation and cloud
  • Authenticates users from IDM
  • BYOD/mobile support


Understanding patterns is more effective than looking at events

REACT is not SIEM—although it leverages SIEM’s powerful correlation and event management engine.


The power of CloudAccess REACT is in how it can extend both your security team and your SIEM. With SIEM doing its job, capturing and forwarding event data from across an enterprise, REACT turns this data into action, responding to threats, threats updating an audit trail, and reducing the amount of repetitive, time-consuming work with which your team must contend.

While SIEM can capture and normalize threat data, its ability to provide instantaneous responses through intelligent automation is significantly limited. In most organizations, the job of sorting through this data belongs to security admins and their favorite battery of shell scripts. The challenge here is that as the number of correlation rules increase in volume and complexity, your analyst’s ability to manage the work suffers.

CloudAccess REACT leverages and enhances Processes, Policies, Procedures, Tools and People to reduce the amount of exposure most network, systems and applications face. REACT can reduce the time to identify threats and reduce the amount of time it takes any team to remediate or take active defense against a these threats because it doesn’t look at isolated events, but rather larger patterns of behavior.

When working with patterns, you don’t look at events in isolation, but rather holistically and in real-time. This solves the false positive frequency issue as well as allows for true situational awareness and baselining predictable activity across multiple security silos and multiple processes.

REACT provides the orchestration and process automation capability to reduce the volume of incidents that IT teams face. Regular and repeatable incidents that typically require the attention of a security team can be remediated automatically, or in stages with human guiding the responses via REACT different flavors of automation.

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