Nikkhoo to address FFIEC, PCI compliance issues at Wes-Pay Symposium

PALM SPRINGS, CA–(September 4, 2013) – With the transference and storage of consumer and corporate payment information becoming a central risk mitigation strategy and compliance necessity, cloud security expert and CloudAccess CEO Kevin Nikkhoo seeks to challenge existing security paradigms during a presentation at the upcoming symposium entitled “Improving FFIEC, PCI Compliance from the Cloud.”

Sponsored by Wes-Pay, a nonprofit regional payments association assisting and educating members on electronic payment support, the September 9-10 conference in Palm Springs, CA will showcase several regulatory compliance themes, but Nikkhoo’s presentation on holistic security (security platform) best practices is one of the most anticipated of the event.

“Compliance can be a significant tangle for any company. There are multiple agencies mandating a variety of security requirements. This can easily overwhelm any company’s IT resources,” Nikkhoo said. “But it’s not all doom and difficulties. The advances in unified cloud security not only make it affordable, but create a streamlined audit process in real time that removes the burden while adding the necessary security heft.”

According to Nikkhoo, the answer lies in the ability to adopt cloud-based security initiatives that incorporate more than SIEM or log management, work collaboratively in real time and provide the necessary visibility to meet strict compliance needs.

“At the end of the day, every company needs to know who is logging in, what are they looking at, where are they, when was information changed, and how are they authorized? All that feeds into understanding the overall impact on the network and beyond,” Nikkhoo added. “The challenge is that breaches happened ‘in the now’ and looking at logs days or weeks later does not serve the need of institutions with sensitive data. The real time aspect is just one way the cloud is the great equalizer.”

The hour-long presentation, currently scheduled for September 10 at 1:15pm, will address several key needs for companies beholden to compliance requirements including process automation to cover an alphabet soup of competing, confusing and concurrent requirements, solving BYOD (mobility) and other persistent threats, enhancing visibility, reducing costs through holistic, unified security platform and audit readiness.

WesPay’s 2013 Payments Symposium will help prepare attendees to make strategic decisions regarding adoption rates, convenience and competitive analysis. This year’s sessions promise to be both informative and engaging, with a focus on helping you to determine your strategic direction, while understanding the impacts of new regulatory compliance and strategies to mitigate risk.