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cloud based identity management

Identity Access Management (IDaaS)

While cloud computing has been around for years, the cost of traditional identity management products (hardware, software licenses and deployment) as well as lack of resources and expertise has made it difficult for many organizations to take advantage of the significant opportunities that cloud computing brings to an enterprise.  With the popularity of cloud model and SaaS applications the need for an affordable, manageable identity management products to oversee users and user access to applications, both within the enterprise and in the cloud, is even more evident.  A true “designed-for-the-cloud” solution, Cloud Identity Management helps address many of the business and resource issues associated with cloud computing. Designed to operate in highly distributed multi-tenant cloud environments for any size organization, CloudAccess’ identity management products reduce the cost and the complexity of extending internal infrastructure to external SaaS and cloud applications.

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CloudAccess Identity Management is the leading identity infrastructure-as-a-service solution with centralized administration. It manages user accounts, enforces user access policy and provides necessary auditing and reporting. In addition, it automates the process of adding, updating, and removing user accounts and entitlements across applications in private or public clouds. Identity Management is full-featured cloud-based offering that addresses many challenges facing enterprises. It allows organizations of all sizes to successfully:

  • Provision and de-provision users quickly and cost-effectively
  • Assign rights and access based on identity and role
  • Reduce high cost of manually managing identity and access processes
  • Manage multiple identities for each user (human resource profiles, e-mail accounts, telephone numbers, usernames, physical access security badges and more)
  • Change entitlements when user roles change, risking Separation of Duties (SoD) policy violations
  • Prove secure access to compliance auditors; achieving and maintaining systems-level compliance
  • Duplicate access controls outside the firewall; shares trusted sources with external constituents, including partners, contractors and customers
  • Enforce policies consistently across entire organization and in virtual or cloud environments.
  • Apply trusted identity and security management controls to all major systems including virtual machines and the cloud
  • Develop integration between major IT systems and easily deploy and manage their identity solution
  • Eliminate voids between identity management and compliance reporting


In addition to cloud-based security advantages, CloudAccess Identity Management: reduces IT cost, meets compliance requirements easily and quickly, provides a better user experience, with improved administration and operational efficiencies, enabling you to focus on your core competencies. It promotes managing identity in the cloud. Some of the specific benefits include:

Fast Deployment. Unlike traditional security solutions Identity Management is deployed in hours or days depending on the number of applications or users. There is no hardware or software installation required.

Audit, Compliance and Reporting. Federated and interoperable identity infrastructures dramatically simplify the task of monitoring and documenting policy compliance. CloudAccess Identity Management allows businesses to gain in-depth visibility into user access across on-premise and Cloud applications for security, audit reporting and compliance. CloudAccess provides extensive and granular audit and reporting capabilities to meet any operational, legal, or compliance requirements, whether you need to meet PCI, HIPAA, SOX, or other compliance requirements. With out-of-the-box compliance reports you can easily and quickly generate reports to meet audit requirements saving time, money and valuable resources.

Interoperability. Designed from ground up for cloud and for a multi-tenant environment, CloudAccess Identity Manager meets or exceeds industry standards allowing organizations to enable security for internal and web-based applications regardless of the application platforms, access protocols, or existing identity infrastructure.

Reduced IT Complexity and Cost. CloudAccess Identity Management allows for provisioning and de-provisioning users automatically. No more spreadsheet and human resources required to enable application access for new users or when user roles have changed. Reduce the helpdesk cost and IT support with user self-service capabilities to manage passwords. With our out-of-the-box connectors and the Role Management function, you can setup access automatically based on user roles.

Enhanced Security. Whenever a user’s role or access rights is changed, their levels of access to all applications including web, SaaS and internal enterprise applications are adjusted automatically and immediately. The modular but integrated design of SingleSource provides a centralized policy management.

On-Demand Scalable Pay-As-You-Go Service. All You Need is a Browser. With pay-as-you-go per-user per-month subscription model, there are no license fees, hardware, or professional services costs. Getting to your applications and managing them is easy with our portal. Add users and applications in a simple step in the administration console. Connection to your applications can easily be achieved with out-of-the-box connectors that are provided for most major applications. Software upgrades are automatic. CloudAccess web-based administration allows for automated account management, connection control, reports and audit support.

Not Just Identity Management, Integrated Modular System Supporting Your Growth. Unlike other available products, CloudAccess SingleSource platform provides a comprehensive suite of products to address Web SSO, SaaS SSO, Identity Management, SIEM and Log Management. Start with Identity Management and add other modules later. Manage all your Intranet and Internet applications from one management console enabling centralized access control, from public and private clouds. CloudAccess provides the same cloud philosophy for all modules in the suite. You can add SIEM and Log Management at any time for any number of users or devices and scale up or down as needed. This is the power of CloudAccess comprehensive security in the cloud.

Proven Technology.  CloudAccess technology has been successfully utilized in large organizations and government agencies supporting millions of users. CloudAccess Identity Manager is a multi-tenant, high performance and scalable system built on the latest SOA and web services technologies. There are no agents to install.


  • User provisioning/de-provisioning
  • Provisioning to SaaS applications
  • Role-based provisioning
  • Password management and synchronization
  • User self service
  • Integrated approval workflow
  • Visual provisioning workflow designer
  • Compliance management with full audit and reporting
  • Reconciliation & attestation
  • Advanced reporting on user access
  • Continuous compliance and validation
  • Out-of-the-box connectors to a variety of systems
  • Fine gained delegated administration
  • No hardware, software or administration costs
  • Pay-as-you-go, scalable model
  • Flexible deployment option with private cloud, public cloud or hybrid model
  • Integrates with other CloudAccess modules
  • Integrates with existing security infrastructure
  • Choice of service levels up to 7×24×365



Supported Browsers Firefox 3+, IE 7+, Safari, Chrome
Authentication Repositories OpenIAM, LDAP, Active Directory
Target System Connectors
  • LDAP
  • Active Directory 2003 / 2008
  • Exchanges 2003, 2007, 2010
  • Lotus Notes
  • Google Apps
  • Linux, Unix
  • Database: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server
  • Database Tables
  • Script Connector
  • Powershell connector
Source Systems Relational DatabaseLDAP and ActiveDirectory CSV Files
Workflow Graphical designer using BPMN
Provisioning Models Role Based ProvisioningRule Based Provisioning
Web Services JAX-WS services
High Availability Redundancy at each tier and scalable to large user counts


Using Identity Management (IDaaS), you can connect to thousands of SAML and Non-SAML applications. The connectors listed here allow for federated provisioning (SAML, SAML-2). For specific information on our advanced adapters/connector, click the link to access a PDF datasheet.

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