CloudAccess is pleased to present a selection of PowerPoint and PDF presentations for your review. Several of these presentations are meant to be conversation guides during demonstrations, but still provide important details about how and why our solutions make a positive impact on an organizations security initiatives.

A PowerPoint show highlighting the game-changing security intelligence platform REACT: Real-time Event & Access Correlation Technology.

A Unified SIEM includes and correlates multiple silos of security data standard SIEM tends to ignore. It improves intelligence, compliance, reduces costs and time to action.

For many enterprises, SIEM has evolved into a ubiquitous and useful tool. It is meant to detect, correlate and alert users to potential threats. In fact, it is an excellent tool to collect and aggregate information in real-time from across the enterprise and present an actionable review of security issues… HOWEVER there are several mission critical aspects of the current generation of SIEM that don’t meet modern security needs.

This presentation identifies many key differentiators as to why the integrated solution of CloudAccess’ ClouSIEM and CloudLOGGER outpaces many alternatives.

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