Meeting and Maintaining Compliance

“I get audited…I get audited a lot.”

-VP IT Operations for a mid-sized Texas credit union

complianceThe quote is an often heard refrain for organizations that understand the need to follow certain mandates and organizational transparencies required by several compliance agencies. Most companies do their best to mitigate aspects of risk including maintaining the security of customer information and financial data in accordance with compliance, but too often the complexities of reporting, the overlap of demand from multiple agencies and various tools, and the thinning bandwidth to maintain proper administration make satisfying compliance a Herculean task. Poor audit results can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

CloudAccess provides a unique and proprietary method for helping IT teams more easily meet the complexities and burden of compliance. We provide you a layered security strategy that harnesses enterprise power to correlate and analyze all the disparate security silos you individually manage.

Simply, it connects all the various and multiple outlets you typically manage individually and centralizes the data for easier compliance management and reporting.

CloudAccess has proven success helping companies better manage compliance of
• Sarbanes-Oxley
• DoDi

…and dozens of other state, federal and industrial mandates and requirements

Traditionally, compliance security solutions require a significant investment in hardware, software, personnel
expertise, and man hours to monitor, maintain, store, report and protect the various assets. However, with
the duty and burden to continuously audit and protect these assets, security from the cloud offers a powerful
alternative that provides or exceeds the same functionality and same capabilities. Our cloud-based security model can reduce costs, augment expertise, mitigate risks and vulnerabilities and effectively maintain compliance.

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