Real-Time Action Analysis & Prevention

Security solutions like SIEM or log monitoring, by their nature, do not guarantee real time monitoring…continuous, yes, but ultimately reactive. This is not to say that there is no vigilance out there, but the overarching issue is that no matter how often sys-logs are reviewed, it is done in a rear-view mirror. These are events that have already occurred. If there was a breach or any kind of suspicious or malicious activity, the damage is done. Of course continuous monitoring is important. But it doesn’t go far enough. It is not truly preventive. The key is not continuous monitoring, but real-time monitoring–24/7/365. By integrating the security silos and configuring what is a “normal pattern of behavior,” certain preventive actions can be initiated immediately.

Unlike traditional SIEM solutions or analytics solutions, CloudAccess boils down the most suspicious and abnormal activities, transactions and access across users, accounts,systems and applications. We present this “actionable intelligence” as a starting point for investigations and then visualizes it into an interactive forensic investigation to help professionals quickly understand and respond to a threat.

REACT is a proactive and real time cloud-based security analysis that

REACT’s greatest advantage is its ability to recognize patterns of behavior in real time. These patterns translate into actionable intelligence and a higher, more responsive degree of proactivity through security administration and faster reactivity to any event.

BecauseREACT is not a collection of individual solutions and functions, but an interpolation of all the data across the enterprise, it enhances and promotes 360o enterprise visibility. This allows an enterprise to see who is doing what, when and where to any part of the monitored IT landscape.

The bottom line is the latency between intrusion/attack and action needs to be immediate. REACT erases the wait time between issue detection, alert and activity.


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