SIEM Intelligence

SIEM intelligence is not simply a selection of solutions cobbled together to provide event notifications, but the synergy of mission critical security elements working seamlessly to more effectively protect your most valued organizational assets. It uses the data correlated
from SIEM, system log collection, identity management and access management to create a real time analysis of the state of the network and takes measures to neutralize threats and maintain operational control. Because SIEM is the processing hub for the entire REACT stratagem, it provides a unique holistic look at the entire network.  This holistic approach from the cloud offers the necessary heft, visibility  and versatility to monitor an extended community of networks, shared infrastructures users, devices, applications and more. It‘s powerful intelligence engine coalesces the blurred boundaries of the enterprise to enable a secure environment.
Powered by a powerful correlation engine, SIEM intelligence is derived from multiple sources. It looks at log events looking to penetrate the network, but as important it must correlate information from other established sources like identities, user activity, devices, access controls and privileges.
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