How CloudAccess creates unique security value

Learn how  security-as-a-service leader CloudAccess provides both superior integrated solution features and comprehensive service value add to any security initiative including SIEM, log management, Identity and access management, vulnerability scanning, asset management and more. Yet the key to a better night’s sleep is not that an organization employs one or many security solutions, but rather they leverage one another’s capabilities and provide real time correlation and situational context 24/7/365. Like the old proverb, the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts. And that’s where CloudAccess’ REACT platform creates unique value. Beyond the cost savings and beyond the superior point solutions, what CloudAccess brings to the table is a unique way for all your security solutions to efficiently communicate and create a actionable and predictive behavioral analysis that protects your enterprise in real time.

How CloudAccess creates unique enterprise security value from CloudAccess

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