Web Single Sign On Application Security

To stay competitive, enterprises must be provide their members with secure seamless access to systems and resources from multiple businesses—without time-consuming multiple logins and other access hurdles.

Now, Cloud Access technology makes it practical and affordable for enterprises to quickly enjoy secure, controlled access across internal systems, trusted external organizations, web-based collaboration solutions and cloud-based software as a serviceapplications SaaS- without abandoning prior investments in traditional identity and access management solutions.

Utilizing the latest identity federation standards, Cloud Access Web SSO provides complete access management capabilities for all enterprise network content, applications and services across a broad range of internal platforms and directory services as well as the ability to quickly extend those capabilities to external partners, collaboration solutions and SaaS applications.


With the proliferation of web applications, it is becoming increasingly impractical for users to be required to remember and utilize different usernames and passwords for each application. Cloud Access Web SSO offers its users a single username and password for seamless access to systems and resources from multiple businesses—without time-consuming multiple logins and other access hurdles while providing an enhanced level of identity protection.

CloudAccess Web SSO service is a complete solution for

  • Web Single Sign On (Web SSO)
  • Identity Federation
  • Integrated Web and Access Control
  • Remote User Security
  • Identity Enabled Access Management and
  • Simplified Administration

CloudAccess Web SSO is simple and easy to deploy and use.  It’s portal allows the end-users to see the applications that the enterprise has allowed them to access based on their roles. Since this is a service there is no hardware or software required. Its benefits include:

User Convenience. With CloudAccess Web SSO, users can log in one time through a convenient browser interface to access all the systems, services and applications they need.

Comprehensive Web Identity Security solution. CloudAccess Web Single Sign-On delivers SSO for users accessing internal and external Web-based applications with automated User Account Management and Universal Token Translation.

Fast Deployment. Unlike traditional security solutions CloudAccess Web SSO is deployed in hours or days depending on the number of applications and there is no hardware or software installation required.

Audit, Compliance and Reporting. Federated and interoperable identity infrastructures dramatically simplify the task of monitoring and documenting policy compliance. CloudAccess Web SSO allows businesses to gain in-depth visibility into user access across on-premise and cloud applications for security, audit reporting and compliance. CloudAccess provides extensive and granular audit and reporting capabilities to meet any operational, legal or compliance requirements.

Interoperability. Designed especially for cloud and a multi-tenant environment, CloudAccess is completely based on open standards allowing organizations to enable security for internal and web-based applications regardless of the application platforms or access protocols.

Reduced IT Complexity and Cost. CloudAccess Web SSO allows organization to provision users as needed and then use identity federation to automatically enable access to any applications covered by the federated agreement—either on the network or over the web.

Enhanced Security. With CloudAccess Web SSO, when a user’s role or access rights is changed, the user’s levels of access to internal web applications as well as federated systems are adjusted automatically and immediately.

On-Demand Scalable Pay-As-You-Go ServiceAll You Need is a Browser. CloudAccess Web SSO is a service with a pay-as-you-go subscription model. Unlike the expensive traditional models, there are no perpetual licenses or license fees.  Getting to your applications or managing them is easy with our portal. Once configured, adding Web applications is simple. The applications will appear in the portal based on user access rights and roles. Software upgrades are automatic. The CloudAccess administrative tool is also a web-based for setting up SSO and automated account management connections.

Not Just SSO, Integrated Modular System Supporting Your Growth. Unlike other products in the market, with SingleSource, CloudAccess provides a comprehensive suite of products to address Identity Management, SIEM and Log Management. Start with Web SSO and later add SaaS SSO.  Leverage CloudAccess centralized administration to manage all your intranet and Internet applications from one management console, from public and private clouds. Need identity management? CloudAccess provides the same cloud philosophy to manage the user life cycle in the cloud. How about SIEM and log Management? You can pick the service at any time for any number of users or devices and scale up or down as needed. That is the power of CloudAccess comprehensive security in the cloud.

Proven Technology. CloudAccess technology has been successfully used in large organizations and government agencies supporting millions of users.  CloudAccess Web SSO is designed for the cloud as a multi-tenant, high performance and scalable system based on the latest SOA and web services technologies. There are no agents to install.


CloudAccess brings the benefits of Web single sign on to your organization without the need to build the infrastructure internally.  CloudAccess Web SSO is an enterprise class solution which is delivered as a service.  Its features include:

  • Complete, centralized and unified access control that offers your employees, partners and customers fast, secure access to a full range of HTTP and non-HTTP environments, resources and applications from any location.
  • Efficient password management, including a web single sign-on component that automatically establishes user identities, tracks passwords and provides internal and external users with secure, authorized access to resources.
  • Regulatory compliance tools that provide deep visibility into network access information and generate detailed reports based on user behavior.
  • Business policy enforcement capabilities that make it easy to set and enforce identity- and role-based access control policies across all your internal, external, and SaaS systems and applications.
  • Fully integrated, out-of-the-box support for identity federation, including full support for SAML 2.0, WS-Federation, Liberty Alliance and other key federation standards.
  • Provides advanced access management capabilities including fully integrated identity federation in one highly integrated infrastructure. Including support for SAML, WS-Federation, Liberty Alliance and CardSpace standards.
  • Role-based business and IT policy enforcement
  • Integrated secure sockets layer virtual private network (SSLVPN)
  • Advanced authentication
  • Regulatory compliance visibility

Supported Platforms Red Hat Enterprise Linux
SUSE Linux Enterprise
Windows 2003 Server
Windows 2008 Server
Supported Browsers SSO is supported with all modern browsers (HTTP/1.1 compliant)
Supported Federation Standards SAML 1.0, 1.1, 2.0
WS-Federation; WS-Trust 1.3
Federation Roles Identity Provider (IdP)
Service Provider (SP)
IdP Discovery
Federation Profiles IdP-Initiated SSO
SP-Initiated SSO
Single Log-Out (SLO)
Attribute Query & XASP
IdP Discovery
Bindings HTTP Post
HTTP Artifact
HTTP Redirect
Identity Mapping Account Linking
Account Mapping
Attribute Sources LDAP
Custom (via SDK)
Trust Models Unanchored
Additional Capabilities Metadata Exchange
Authentication Context



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