Month: September 2012

Cloud security blogs now available for download

For those that enjoy reading CloudAccess’ official blog Thoughts from the Cloud offline, the first five blogs have now been packaged together in a convenient PDF download on the CloudAccess website. The weekly blog, which focuses on various issues, concepts and opinions surrounding cloud-based security and security-as-a-service is one of the most widely read cloud-computing blogs on Sys-Con’s syndicated Utilizer network as well as its WordPress home. The blogs are penned by CloudAccess CEO Kevin Nikkhoo. This volume includes: •    Attacks from Within   •    Security

A cloud security conversation with the SMB

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine. His name is AJ and he was particularly grouchy. He had just spent the last 12 work hours scouring month-old machine logs so that he could compile a quarter-end audit that met his company’s compliance requirement. AJ is the Director of IT for what would be considered an SMB. It’s a modest home warranty related company that deals with homeowner end users, finance and loan offices, mortgage companies and manufacturers. It does roughly 15-20

CloudAccess named 2012 Start-Up of the Year at BIG Awards

CloudAccess, a security-as-a-service leader was named Start Up of the Year by the Business Intelligence Group “Big Awards.” The year-and-a-half old company was recognized for their advancements and paradigm-changing solutions in cloud based security. “This award goes far in validating the viability of security managed from the clouds and the incredible hard work our team has put in to developing a comprehensive-yet scalable and game-changing solution in such a short time. It is truly a great honor,” said CloudAccess CEO Kevin Nikkhoo. CloudAccess won the

The Cloud Guide to PCI Compliance for Retailers

One of the key drivers to IT security investment is compliance. Several industries are bound by various mandates that require certain transparencies and security features. They are designed to mitigate aspects of risk including maintaining the sacrosanctity of customer information, financial data and other proprietary information. One such affected vertical is retail. No matter if you’re Wal-Mart or Nana’s Knitted Kittens, if you store customer information; if you process payments using customer’s credit cards, you are required by law to comply with a variety of

Is your security initiative “one inch into a mile”?

In the software universe we’ve all heard the saying “We are One Inch into a Mile of Functionality but we are paying for the entire mile.” That pretty much sums up every technology initiative ever embarked upon. Whether we are talking, ERP, CRM, SIEM or a variety of other alphabet soup programs, it always looks so simple in the demo, but when rubber meets the road, there’s always some gremlin preventing or delaying full realization of the benefits or expected ROI. Now I am not

Do you want to know what you don’t know?

In my experience there are two types of enterprise IT departments -those that maintain the status quo and those looking to continuously explore and improve. It is truly unfortunate how many fall into the former category.  But the problem with IT security is that it’s an ever-evolving and moving target. So the decision to not dip your toe in the water and understand all available options could mean the difference between a panicked 3am call regarding a breach alert or a good night’s sleep. I

CloudAccess Featured in Innovation Summit Panel “Fly High, Safe In the Cloud”

CloudAccess CEO Kevin Nikkhoo lent his expertise as a developer of cloud-based security solutions to the prestigious panel of cloud-computing experts during the Innovation Summit 2012 conference. The discussion panel, entitled “Fly High and Safe in the Cloud” featured several perspectives and best practices on how to maintain a high degree of network and enterprise security from the cloud. The video shown above is Part 1 of 2. The second part of the video can be streamed from CloudAccess’ YouTube Channel: At the August