Month: March 2013

The Secret Sauce of User Provisioning

If you want the secret to user provisioning and de-provisioning in an enterprise setting, I’ll give you the one word answer, and then you can get on with the rest of your day… Integration. However, if you need to know why, how and with what…read on. The need to credential authorized users to your network and other proprietary assets is clear. You only want those with the proper rights in…and all others out. Complicating matters is that there are so many users these days…employees, channel

Cloud-based SIEM frees that one hand tied behind your back

Have you ever been asked to fight the state boxing champion with one hand tied behind your back? Or metaphorically experience the old adage of bringing a knife to a gunfight? Many security professionals face this scenario every day. For many companies with whom I talk, there isn’t a lack of IT talent when it comes to security–just a lack of hours in the day, computing resources and necessary headcount with specific expertise to change the culture from reactive to proactive and strategic risk management.

CloudCon Expo 2013 adds CloudAccess CEO to security panel

LOS ANGELES, CA–(March 20, 2013) – Cloud-security expert and Cloud Access CEO Kevin Nikkhoo accepted a place on the key panel Challenges of Cloud Computing in Highly Scalable and Secure Enterprises at the upcoming CloudCon Expo in San Francisco on May 15. Nikkhoo joins Saran Mandair, senior director of infrastructure at PayPal, in discussing how to maximize advantages in cloud computing while still ensuring and maintaining  the protection of proprietary assets. “Security is an on-going issue with regards to cloud computing. However, many don’t recognize

A de-provisioning proverb: When a door closes, just make sure you don’t leave a window open

Earlier this week I attended a local cloud developers group, and I met a gentleman who consults with companies to engage in deep dive forensic examinations of their networks. He looks for the virtual fingerprints of misdeeds, fraud, and misdoings that can be used for e-discovery in legal cases. He essentially gets down to the bits and bytes of how much information flows to certain IP addresses to ascertain whether or not proprietary data has been tampered or stolen. He confirmed something that I long

CloudAccess CEO to present ‘Beyond SIEM: Unified Security from the Cloud’ at CU InfoSec Conference

LOS ANGELES, CA–(March 14, 2013) – Credit unions and regional financial institutions attending the upcoming CU InfoSec Conference will have the opportunity to challenge existing security paradigms during a keynote session led by cloud security expert and CloudAccess CEO Kevin Nikkhoo entitled “Beyond SIEM: Unified Security from the Cloud.” Sponsored by CU News (publisher of Credit Union tech-talk), the June 5-6 conference in Las Vegas will showcase several security-centric themes, but Nikkhoo’s presentation on holistic security best practices is one of the most anticipated of

CloudAccess, Adintech team up to make enterprises more secure from the cloud

Cloud-based security leader CloudAccess has announced a new partnership with Costa Rica-based consulting firm Adintech. As an official CloudAccess partner in Latin America, Adintech provides professional services related to the unified security suite known as REACT (Realtime Event and Access Correlation Technologies).  This affiliation includes helping clients more easily deploy, integrate and manage security from the cloud.  Adintech is one of the leading managed service providers specializing in security in Latin America. “Our partnership with Adintech adds a considerable amount of knowledge in the security

MSPs must practice what they preach-especially with security

What’s wrong with this picture? A man walks into the doctor’s office. He hasn’t been feeling well. A virus has been floating around the office and the man feels he’s caught it. Doctor walks in, smiles and picks up the chart. He starts examining the man and as he writes a prescription advises he keep sanitary and wash his hands several times a day. Do you trust this doctor…especially after he prescribes vigorous hand-washing, but forgot to wash his own before poking and prodding during