Month: July 2013

CloudAccess Identity and Access Management packages updated with new application and platform connectors

LOS ANGELES, CA – July 29, 2013 — CloudAccess, the only IT security firm to currently offer a fully integrated cloud-based identity management (IDaaS) and single sign on (SSO) package, announced the addition and update of several critical application connectors. Part of the recently launched “Advanced Adapter Series,” connectors (application programming interface also known as API) for,  SAP ECC, AS400 iSeries RACF and GoogleApps received an upgrade to better facilitate automatic provisioning, reconciliation and password management combined with a seamless integration CloudAccess’ enterprise access

Continuous monitoring is enough for compliance, but ISN’T enough for securing data

Every 4,000 miles or so I bring my car into have the oil changed, the brakes checked and tires rotated. Why? Because I know if I leave it to chance, at some point down the road something much more devastating will affect the car. Many of us follow this simple preventive best practice. Then why is it major corporations and modest enterprises alike wait until their security is breached to address growing concerns of data theft, private information leakage or worse? Many of these companies

New SIEM and Log Combo Offering Closes Security Gap for SMB and Small Enterprises

LOS ANGELES–July 19, 2013 In response to the growing list of SMB and modest enterprises unable to deploy appropriate network security protections due to budget and resource restraints, CloudAccess, a leader in cloud-based security-as-a-service solutions, announced a series of low-cost, cloud-based deployment models. The various bundles, which all contain intrusion detection, alerting (SIEM- security information event management) and system log archiving (Log Management) components, can now be acquired as a perpetual, one-time license fee or through a new budget-friendly monthly subscription. All the solutions provided

How do you eat a network security elephant?

One byte at a time. Now before you roll your eyes at my stupid pun, consider the deeper wisdom to this IT twist on an very old adage. Security is big. It encompasses a great many definitions, confronts a great many issues and is addressed through a great many solutions using a great many formats. For many organizations, it can be an overwhelming proposition. Beyond the issues of data defense, regulatory compliance, traffic management, identity regulation, archiving, reporting, access control, intrusion detection, encryption, app administration,