Month: August 2013

What retailer BCBGMAXAZRIA learned about cloud security, SIEM

The following is an excerpt of the recently released case study on how a major retailer, BCBG, migrated to a cloud security platform and discovered how SIEM and Log Management capabilities enhanced their abilities for enterprise security. For the entire case study, you may download a PDF version here. There was a time the only security issues retailers needed to be concerned with was theft. Put a guard in the store and a couple of video cameras and prevent as much loss as possible. Those

Integral Partners, CloudAccess Form Cloud Security Partnership

LOS ANGELES, CA–(August 19, 2013) – Cloud security leader CloudAccess has announced a new partnership with consulting and implementation practitioner Integral Partners (formerly iRise Security). Integral Partners will represent CloudAccess’ unified security solutions (REACT) to their roster of clients and prospects to better help them achieve various IT security and regulatory compliance issues. They will implement, integrate and support CloudAccess solutions such as integrated identity and access management, SIEM and log archiving. All these solutions are developed, deployed and managed from the cloud. “Integral Partners

Law firms in the security cross-hairs: how cloud security can level the playing field.

“Law firms are a back door to clients’ confidential information,” Business Week. As corporations have become more aware of threats to data, hackers and other fraudsters are quickly discovering a new, softer target to attack and siphon highly confidential corporate details, proprietary personal information, and trade secrets. Even as stewards of trust for their corporate and private clients, law firms have traditionally been slow to embrace new technologies. Cloud computing has been no exception because many mistakenly believe the cloud is less secure than traditional

Mirror Mirror: the difference between Identity Management & Access Management

One of the biggest misconceptions in cloud security is the perception that identity management (IDaaS) and access management (SSO) are the same thing. They’re not. And it took a viewing of the famous Star Trek episode called Mirror Mirror for me to best illustrate and articulate the difference between the creation and management of a user account and credentialed rights and the funneled applications that entity is allowed to see. For those unfamiliar with the episode, it’s the one where Kirk is transported into an

IDaaS adapter library updated with advanced versions of Active Directory, LDAP, MySQL

Cloud security firm updates growing federated adapter library with database, infrastructure connectors LOS ANGELES, CA – Aug 7, 2013 – Cloud security leader CloudAccess, announced the release of advanced versions of several federated database and platform connectors for their Identity Management (IDaaS) and Access Management (single sign on) offerings. The updated connectors for such popular and heavily leveraged infrastructure applications and platforms such as Active Directory (AD), LDAP, MySQL, and Linux RedHat now promote greater granular access capabilities and SAML federated integration with identity management