Month: September 2013

Unified security from the cloud recognized as 2013 Product of the Year

LOS ANGELES, CA –  September 25, 2013 – CloudAccess’ patented practice of integrated security capabilities managed in real time through centralized (REACT) control was selected as the winner of this year’s BIG Award by the technology consultancy Business Intelligence Group. REACT (Realtime Event and Access Correlation Technology) is the only fully integrated technology security solution developed and managed from the multi-tenant cloud. The award-winning offering promotes a unified security deployment that leverages SIEM (security incident and event management), log archiving, identity management and access control

“Get Smart: Removing ‘KAOS’ from IT Security” webinar explores cloud infosec best practices for MSPs

Cloud security firm CloudAccess to host live presentation and demonstration to promote unified SIEM, log management and vulnerability assessment from the cloud LOS ANGELES, CA – Feb 2, 2015 – Would you believe a 1960’s sitcom holds the keys to a 21st century IT security best practices? According to cloud security firm CloudAccess, the classic comedy Get Smart serves as the learning anchor to showcase how a unified, cloud-based SIEM, Log Management and vulnerability assessment deployment can reduce risk for clients of managed service providers

CloudAccess nominated for WaveMaker Award for innovation

LOS ANGELES, CA – September 12, 2013 –In recognition of its innovation in cloud-based security, CloudAccess was announced as a finalist for the 2013 “Cowabunga Award” by financial consultancy Siemer Ventures. CloudAccess, which promotes a cloud-developed and managed offering that includes key protective components as SIEM, log management, identity management and single sign on was nominated for a WaveMaker Award of Distinction acknowledging its rapid growth and unique approach to cloud computing. The “Cowabunga Award” recognizes advancements in “Cloud Services — SaaS platforms in the areas

Consolidating the Variables: Augmenting Existing Identity Management Systems

The modern enterprise is a fluid entity. As an IT construct it expands and contracts (sometimes simultaneously), and many of the moving parts (like users and applications) are themselves evolving and changing. This creates unique challenges in operational efficiencies, core competency support, compliance observance and risk management.  The central theme to all these challenges is establishing and maintaining control of applications which serve as gateways to all the valuable data (personal, trade secrets and other IP) on which an enterprise exists. Many companies have turned

Federated Office365 adapter added to CloudAccess security library

Cloud security firm adds connector to facilitate secure access Microsoft’s popular end user SaaS offering LOS ANGELES, CA – September 10, 2013 – Microsoft’s Office365 is one of the most ubiquitous and essential tools for millions of end users and now leading security-as-a-service firm CloudAccess ensures organizations deploying this SaaS offering can securely manage access with its recently upgraded identity management (IDaaS) adapter from the cloud. This federated connector (application programming interface also known as API) for Office365 received an upgrade to seamlessly improve integration to

Synchronization enforces control for cloud integrated IDaaS and Access Management (SSO)

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Nikkhoo to address FFIEC, PCI compliance issues at Wes-Pay Symposium

PALM SPRINGS, CA–(September 4, 2013) – With the transference and storage of consumer and corporate payment information becoming a central risk mitigation strategy and compliance necessity, cloud security expert and CloudAccess CEO Kevin Nikkhoo seeks to challenge existing security paradigms during a presentation at the upcoming symposium entitled “Improving FFIEC, PCI Compliance from the Cloud.” Sponsored by Wes-Pay, a nonprofit regional payments association assisting and educating members on electronic payment support, the September 9-10 conference in Palm Springs, CA will showcase several regulatory compliance themes,