Advisory Board

tphllipsTimothy Phillips

Timothy Phillips is a 29 year veteran of the information security industry and offers leadership and business services on behalf of the Center for Information Management and Assurance, and its partners. Timothy has demonstrated experience in the development of practice models and methodologies, as well as strategic plans for multi-national corporate programs. The focus of his experience has been working with large corporations with highly diverse technology environments whose business is sustained on trust, customer retention and regulatory compliance. His career has seen him serve in leadership roles in companies such as Quest Diagnostics, PwC, IBM, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, the security services of Department of Defense, and others. He has served in government, energy, financial services, technology and healthcare industries in a variety of leadership roles.

jdrakeJeff Drake

Jeff Drake is an industry veteran with more the 25 years of experience in enterprise software.  At ServiceMesh, he is responsible for strategic alliances, M&A, and new market development.  Prior to ServiceMesh, Drake led business development at SOA Software, forming major alliances with companies such as Lockheed Martin and Accenture as well as managing several key acquisitions.  Prior to SOA Software, he was the Director of the Security Software Strategy for IBM. Drake arrived at IBM through the IBM’s acquisition of Access360, where he was the founder and President of Access360 responsible for funding, strategy, and operations. Access360, investors included Crosspoint Ventures, Oracle, and VeriSign.  Drake is the author of ‘Security Provisioning in the Complex Enterprise’.


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