Our Story


CloudAccess provides comprehensive security-as-a-service from the cloud.  Our suite of robust and scalable solutions eliminates the challenges of deploying enterprise-class security solutions including costs, risks, resources, time-to-market, and administration.  By integrating and centralizing the collective intelligence from our proprietary products like SIEM, Access Management, Identity Management, Log Management, Single Sign On, and Web SSO, Cloud Access offers cost-effective, high-performance solutions controlled and managed from the cloud that meet compliance requirements, diverse business needs and ensure the necessary protection of your IT assets.

CloudAccess provides a unique value advantage in the industry through an innovative unification platform called REACT (Real-time Access & Event Correlation Technology). REACT’s business value is simple. We enable real-time 360 degree security visibility to determine, who touched what, when, where and the potential security impact to a business. CloudAccess is the only company to provide this holistic, paradigm-changing service 100% from the cloud.

Complimenting the advantage of the integrated cloud-based deployment, CloudAccess offers live security analysts to continuously monitor and administer the IT security landscape. This provides the necessary resources to support proactive defense planning, focus on business needs, and empower an organization to make better decisions faster. We  understand the challenges of a modern enterprise including regulatory compliance, employee productivity issues (BYOD), technology expansion, third-part interactivity, Big Data, expanding network perimeters and proprietary asset maintenance–and we developed an innovative, affordable and manageable approach to address a complex landscape of security needs for any sized organization.


CloudAccess was founded by a diverse group of professionals and thought leaders with backgrounds in different industries who were inspired by the tremendous potential of cloud computing and understood the vital role that reliable security solutions would play in its development.

CloudAccess was conceived to develop innovative solutions that deliver on the belief that cloud-based enterprise security needs to be affordable and easily manageable for any organization. With many years of experience in IT security and consulting, CloudAccess visionaries observed that traditional security products for identity and access management as well as network and systems monitoring and management were expensive, difficult to deploy and took months before they were in production. Another observation was that the vast majority of customers had similar needs across many networks, systems and resources. One of the greatest shortcomings of conventional enterprise security products has been the fact that even when the customers are willing to take the financial, resource and time risk, a successful outcome was necessarily not guaranteed. CloudAccess was established to overcome these challenges and make enterprise security in the cloud affordable and manageable.

Designed from the ground up as a highly scalable, high performance cloud-based multi-tenant system, CloudAccess products are based on the latest SOA technologies allowing for rapid development cycles. Every aspect of CloudAccess technology is thoroughly analyzed so that our customers can benefit from a significant ROI.

What We Do…How we Solve It

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