Enterprise Security Magazine: Enabling a Holistic View of Security

This is a reprinted article from June 2018 edition of Enterprise Security Magazine. You can see the electronic version of this issue HERE The cloud-based security industry is exploding as businesses are moving their assets to the cloud. In the thick of this, the security aspect, which was deemed as an afterthought in the past, has matured as forethought to prevent vulnerabilities. “As companies move their assets to the cloud, the formula completely changes, making security paramount. However, the missing link is the core competency,

CASE STUDY: Overcoming compliance burdens while maximizing 24/7 security

A case study for integrated SIEM and Log Management for Orbis Financial From investment management to custodial holdings, Orbis Financial is directly responsible for the safety of assets and securities worth hundreds of millions of dollars since 2005. They utilize and employ innovative technology and “zero-conflict” practices for a variety of India-based and foreign concerns wishing to grow and safeguard their investments in India. Orbis is a registered member of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Though their primary headquarters is located in

The Secret Sauce to User Provisioning

If you want the secret to user provisioning and de-provisioning in an enterprise setting, I’ll give you the one word answer, and then you can get on with the rest of your day… Integration. However, if you need to know why, how and with what…read on. The need to credential authorized users to your network and other proprietary assets is clear. You only want those with the proper rights in…and all others out. Complicating matters is that there are so many users these days…employees, channel

WATCH: A new approach for finding security patterns and remediate suspect behavior:

The following presentation is a recording of a live webinar. It contains best practices for unifying disparate security solutions and provides an overview of CloudAccess’ leading edge approach to identify Security Patterns and the means to manage, respond, remediate, and report on them– 24/7/365. As headlines are bursting with news of bigger and more brazen breaches, it’s obvious that the old methods of perimeter-based defenses no longer work. As comprehensive as they might be, their biggest flaw is they too often work in isolation-they don’t

WEBINAR 12/14, 12/16 REACT: a new approach to security

PRESENTS…. WEBINAR: DECEMBER 14 OR DECEMBER 16 1:00PM PST   /  1900 BRAZIL REGISTER TODAY As headlines are bursting with news of bigger and more brazen breaches, it’s obvious that the old methods of perimeter-based defenses no longer work. As comprehensive as they might be, their biggest flaw is they too often work in isolation–they don’t share data with other security solutions in your defense arsenal. This creates a big enough vulnerability gap for the bad guys to exploit. THIS HOUR-LONG WEBINAR WILL SHARE KEY BEST

4 Best Practices for Today’s Log Management

Log management has long been considered a staple of most organization’s security platforms. It is the foundation for threat detection, data analytics and compliance audits. It provides the definitive record of what has occurred in your company’s digital universe. However… There are a few process hurdles that apply to most log management deployments. The data is static unless it is correlated, analyzed and remediated in real or near real time. And for most companies, it collects lots and lots of data. So much so, that

How CloudAccess creates unique security value

Learn how  security-as-a-service leader CloudAccess provides both superior integrated solution features and comprehensive service value add to any security initiative including SIEM, log management, Identity and access management, vulnerability scanning, asset management and more. Yet the key to a better night’s sleep is not that an organization employs one or many security solutions, but rather they leverage one another’s capabilities and provide real time correlation and situational context 24/7/365. Like the old proverb, the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts. And that’s

Evening the Odds

This is not a rant to prove how dangerous the IT business landscape has become. We all know the bad guys are getting bolder and smarter, the stakes are higher and the line between security and sacrifice are nearly transparent. Every IT and security professional are well aware of the risks and work hard at preventing breaches, leaks, intrusions and hacks. But, for a variety of reasons (from budget to headcount to lack of C-level support to tool limitations) it seems that the odds are

7 Reasons your existing SIEM is not enough

We offer a brief SlideShare-based blog to discuss how and why most current deployments of SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) do not go nearly far enough to protect the modern enterprise. Whether considering their deployment form or the Sisyphean effort to continually maintain it with fine tuning and script writing, today’s SIEM needs a fresh approach. For many enterprises, SIEM has evolved into a ubiquitous and useful tool. It is meant to detect, correlate and alert users to potential threats. In fact, it is

CloudAccess wins prestigious 2015 Red Herring Top 100 Award

SAN DIEGO, CA – June 3, 2015 – Red Herring announced CloudAccess, a leading enterprise security solution developer, as its Top 100 North America award winner during special award ceremony in San Diego. The award was in recognition of CloudAccess’ innovative approach to integrating predictive behavior analytics and cooperative intelligence as the foundation for security. “In 2015, selecting the top achievers was by no means a small feat,” said Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring. “In fact, we had the toughest time in years