Insider Threat Detection

One of the biggest threats to an network’s security is those with permission to access it. Employees, partners, and even customers can knowingly or unknowingly open the door to data leaks, breach, fraud and other cyber intrusions.

The CloudAccess solution is built to address these challenges by delivering these capabilities in an out-of-the box solution that does not require a long-term data analytics and discovery project. Using purpose-built data mining, correlation, enrichment, and analytics, REACT detects not only users with high risk identity profiles but also high-risk activity, access, and events in your organization associated with insider threats. It does this by mining and analyzing a diverse set of user, system, application, security event, physical access, and even telephone activity to identify abnormal behavior associated with data theft/misuse or IT sabotage. Beyond detection, CloudAccess performs continuous monitoring, scoring, reporting, and advanced investigative capabilities. The solution provides the advanced technology needed for a complete insider threat management program that leverages your existing security programs/investments.

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