Single Pane of Glass



In today’s complex, multi-networked and interlaced business environment, organizations are burdened with multiple security systems that monitor, analyze and assess every corner of the networked environment. HOWEVER, This creates many silos of data that require many experts to synthesize and prevent threats, maintain compliance and keep the environment running smooth. Still vulnerabilities fall through the cracks and operational redundancies “gum up the works” because most of the solutions don’t communicate with each other.

CloudAccess unique and proprietary single pane of glass solution solves many needs

As a comprehensive and centralized forensic analytic, our single pane of glass solution is not a collection of individual products, but an interpolation process of all the data across the enterprise to gain a truly holistic security vantage point.

We know…you already employ various security tools and processes to meet compliance requirements. We also know you’ve made significant investments to keep data safe and your computing landscape compliant. Our “SOC” approach allows you to keep your existing investment while adding other capabilities that meet your specific needs….and control them through our centralized dashboard.


CloudAccess solutions are not the only cloud based security solution sold on the market, HOWEVER, it is the only company providing the mission critical elements as an integrated, multi-tenant single sourced package.


CloudAccess’ innovative security-as-a-service changes the conversation from one heavily dependent on capital expenditures and intensive man hours to one incorporating a manageable cost and resource effective operational expense; And, more importantly, changes the dynamic of the initiative to performance rather than limited scope.

How we solve your security challenges…from the cloud

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