Solving Retail’s Compliance, Data Privacy and Budget Concerns

Reducing costs, expanding effectiveness, enforcing compliance with enterprise-class cloud security

When it comes to network security, many retailers experience similar issues:

Achieve real time visibility across multiple locations, storefronts, warehouses, offices and devices

Although firewalls, malware are the foundation of many retail network security initiatives, they don’t provide visibility on your network; don’t look for suspicious behavior, and they don’t create the necessary intelligence to create actionable alerts. With the overwhelming amount of activity retail networks experiences in a single hour, the system logs created are not reviewed fast or often enough to prevent  potential catastrophic and expensive breach issues.

CloudAccess solves the issue with cloud security offerings that are affordable, manageable, easy to deploy, and most importantly…effective towards achieving a retailers security goals.

Read how retail leader BCBG found success using our integrated cloud-based SIEM (security information event management) and log management solutions to reduce their risk, make compliance  easier and become stronger stewards of their customer’s sensitive and private data. Or WATCH them here

Our retailer’s package promotes important infosec best practices from the cloud

The overall security of a retail organization has grown increasingly complex. The smash and grab has been supplanted by the hack and breach.  A retailer’s IT environment is at as much risk as any product on the retail shelf.

For retailers, risk must balanced between budget, available resources, recognized vulnerability and maintaining compliance. For each company the answer is unique, but there are certain realities any retailer should consider to better protect customer assets…and do so without compounding costs, burdening infrastructure resources and taxing manpower. CloudAccess can show you how. Ask for a demo.

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