CloudAccess is committed to the highest level of technical support for our customers.  Based on industry-best practices and built on our highly skilled support team, CloudAccess offers a variety of service options that is designed to meet our customers’ specific needs.

With support operations in the US and offshore, CloudAccess provides support around the clock ensuring the best possible response to your specific needs.   For your peace of mind, our support organization is designed to escalate critical issues to CloudAccess executives if needed. Our support is delivered by a team of support engineers who have been thoroughly trained on our products and are required to attend update training on regular basis. With direct access to our development team, our support engineers can address any support issues efficiently and effectively.

Support Services

CloudAccess provides a range of support service including:

Support Options

You can contact support by:

Support Models That Fit Your Needs

One-size support does not fit all! Because your support needs are as individual as your business, our services go far beyond traditional notions of technical support. We’ll help you with particular issues, of course—quickly and efficiently. But we also want to be part of your team, to be with you at every step. Because we’re as passionate about your success as you are.

We offer three levels of support to meet your needs. Basic Support is included with your license, so you can take advantage of our self-help resources and Web support at any time. Premier Support offers 24×7 phone support, with fast response time and a priority queue to reach our technical experts. Premier Support with Administration provides all those benefits, plus access to a specialized team of certified administrators who will help manage your system.

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