CloudAccess Named Amongst “Top 10 SIEM Solution Providers 2018” by Enterprise Security Magazine

FREMONT, CA—CloudAccess announced today that it has been selected as one of the “Top 10 SIEM Solution Providers 2018” by Enterprise Security Magazine.

A distinguished panel of experts, professionals, and technology leaders including board members of Enterprise Security Magazine has chosen and included CloudAccess in the Top 10 list.

“We take pride in honoring CloudAccess as one among the 10 companies that are featured in the SIEM Special Edition,” said Michael Brown, Managing Editor of Enterprise Security Magazine. “CloudAccess provides comprehensive state-of-the art security-as-a-service from the cloud.”

The company’s award-winning suite of robust and scalable solutions eliminates the challenges of deploying enterprise-class security solutions.  By providing such integral services as SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), Identity Management, Log Management, Single Sign-On (SSO), Web SSO, Access Management, Cloud Access offers cost-effective, high-performance solutions controlled and managed from the cloud that meet compliance requirements, diverse business needs and ensure the necessary protection of the IT assets.

Designed for the cloud with multi-tenancy, scalability and high-performance, each product in the SingleSource platform provides enterprise level functionality based on industry standards.

About CloudAccess

CloudAccess was founded on a simple vision: deliver affordable and manageable IT security services from the cloud.  CloudAccess challenges the traditional in-house IT security infrastructure solutions by significantly reducing cost and risk and with the ability to deploy the services immediately.  CloudAccess provide 24/7 support as well as monitoring services so customers can focus on their core competency. CloudAccess is committed to industry standards and all of the products are based on well-known tools and protocols.  This allows seamless integration of SingleSource platform products to existing customer environments without the need for expensive customization. please visit:

Enterprise Security Magazineis a technology magazine that gives information about the security solutions, which helps organizations to get adapted to the radical changes that are taking place in their information security infrastructure. A panel of experts, technology leaders and board members of the Enterprise Security Magazine has decided the “Top 10 SIEM Solution Providers 2018” and shortlisted the best vendors and consultants in the SIEM Solution arena. For more info, visit:

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