Proactive Behavorial Analysis strengthens enterprise defenses

Most companies currently deploy some layer of security in support of compliance, or asset protection for operational continuity. However, these  layers of security often act in parallel and don’t share information. Proactive Behavior Analysis correlates the multiple silos of security and creates a unique pattern recognition defense that immediately captures anomalous behaviors that otherwise might fall through the cracks.

Control: Manage the disparate security silos, devices, access points, users under a "single pane of glass."

Enforce: Policies and corporate standards applied across the enterprise from identities, access activity, applications, audit logs, geo-location and network security events.

Analyze: Correlate data and identify anomalies and suspect behavior patterns that would fall through the cracks.

Secure: Integrated, unified and layered detection and protection that proactively prevents leaks,loss, and abuse and supports compliance.

Protect against IT security threats and ensure data integrity. We call it REACT (Realtime Event & Access Correlation Technology).