REACT is more than a collection of security products under one view; it’s how they leverage 4 IT imperatives.
Control. Enforce. Secure. Analyze: Creating Predictive Intelligence


Control BYOD/mobile device and user access to any application. Collect identity and and access intelligence as well as device intelligence with user activity.


Apply policies and corporate standards across the enterprise. Meet compliance requirements and streamline operations.


Protect enterprise assets in real-time. Automatically take action when anomalous behavior is detected.


Analyze user, application and device activities. Identify anomalous behavior. Manage by exception with granular visibility.


About Us

UNIFIED SECURITY FROM THE CLOUD CloudAccess provides comprehensive security-as-a-service from the cloud.  Our suite of robust and scalable solutions eliminates the challenges of deploying enterprise-class security solutions including costs, risks, resources, time-to-market, and administration.  By integrating and centralizing the collective intelligence from our proprietary products like SIEM, Access Management, Identity Management, Log Management, Single Sign On, and Web SSO, Cloud Access offers cost-effective, high-performance solutions controlled and managed from …